6 new plug-ins for adding unique looks to video!

Conoa EFX Alphafy: create an alpha channel from any layer
Conoa EFX Globs: create rounded masks quickly and easily
Conoa EFX Keep Color: select up to 4 colors to convert to gray, or retain them and convert the rest of the image to gray
Conoa EFX Smoother: create a variety of smoothing styles
Conoa EFX Toon: create quick 'toon looks
Conoa EFX Tinter: add a tint to your video

Conoa plugins work with the following hosts:
  • Adobe After Effects 4.1 through CS6
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 and higher,
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 3 through 6,
  • Discreet Combustion 3.0
  • Avid AVX systems (including Xpress DV, Xpress Pro and Symphony) through the use of Elastic Gasket from Profound Effects
  • Quantel through software from VDS.

Conoa EasyFX v4.0 CEX001$109.00